Astra Rail Industries – combining a long tradition with innovation


Astra Rail Industries, a company steeped in tradition, is an innovative developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge freight wagons and bogies. Its headquarters are located in Arad in Romania. Astra Rail Industries SRL owns three factories and has the largest freight wagon manufacturing capacity in Europe. On a covered area totalling 357,000 square metres, up to 5,000 freight wagon s per year, in a wide variety of designs, roll off the production line.

Along with production, maintenance and repair, Astra Rail offers extensive services for the development and inspection of railcars. Astra Rail draws on the competence of two subsidiaries in these tasks: ICPV, a prestigious engineering office in Arad, and Astra Rail Project, a company based in Poprad in Slovakia. The know-how of ICPV and Astra Rail Project benefits not only Astra Rail but also a number of high-profile companies operating in the European rail industry.

The Group's roots go back to 1882. The Romanian company has been under German management since 2012.



Arad is the seat of Astra Rail Industries' headquarters. Bogies and freight wagons are produced on a covered area of 150,000 square metres.




Production, maintenance and repair of freight wagons on a surface area of 93,000 square metres. This is where production began more than 130 years ago. 




Production, maintenance and refurbishment of freight wagons and bogies on a covered area of 114,000 square metres. The location of Caracal is Astra Rail's most recent addition.