Charting a course for the future


Astra Rail has been part of the holdings portfolio of Thomas Manns since 2012. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the German owner has long-standing international experience in European industry.

Thomas Manns has delegated the responsibility for Astra Rail's operational management to Bernd Böse (Chies Executive Officer) and Fulger Popescu (Chief Operating Officer). Both managers have long track records in the rail industry and complement one another in their daily work as a collaborative team. Fulger Popescu is responsible for efficient production to the highest quality standards in all three factories. Bernd Böse is in charge of the financial and commercial side of the business.


Quality is one of
our greatest priorities

The performance and quality of our products and services creates strong value added for our customers.

We aim to satisfy and exceed the high expectations of our international customers on a long-term basis in the future as well.


Our foundation – 130 years of experience

The entrepreneurial basis underpinning Astra Rail resides in more than 130 years of experience, efficient production processes in Romania and our loyal workforce. This is complemented by the in-depth technological expertise of the prestigious ICPV engineering office and Astra Rail Project.


Reliability, adherence to deadlines and comprehensive service

Long after purchasing, our customers are supported by our service excellence and can rely on their personally assigned contact in the company. Service in our company means that we carry out maintenance and repair on railcars and bogies and, if necessary, completely refurbish them. We are also experts at retrofitting old wagons.