Freight wagon services


For us service means maintaining and repairing freight cars and bogies and, if necessary, carrying out full repairs.

Integrated into the unique selling proposition of our services is, however, developing and testing technical equipment and railcars. In order to deliver this exceptional service, we run ICPV, our prestigious engineering office in Arad, and Astra Rail Project in Poprad in Slovakia.

Our services at a glance:

Design and testing of rolling stock
Our construction, development and testing department develops rolling stock for in-house production and undertakes development contracts commissioned by third parties ... 

Testing facilities

Part of the ICPV Research Centre is the testing department which is accredited in Europe. This department is equipped with test benches for testing dynamic and static strength, a test bench for safety against the derailment in curves and a brake test stand. All the necessary trials can be carried out on rolling stock and bogies in these facilities, including dynamic brake tests…



The service life of Astra Rail freight wagons is virtually unlimited. Older freight cars do not therefore necessarily belong on the scrap heap. In many cases, retrofitting will bring them in line with the latest standards, which is why this is also a service offered as part of Astra Rail's portfolio. Please just give us a call!


Repair and maintenance

Astra Rail customers can rely on us long after their freight wagon or bogie has been delivered. We view expert inspection at defined intervals and repair as an important mainstay and guarantee of long-term customer satisfaction… 


Parts and components

Alongside complete freight cars, we also supply all the relevant parts and components. This enables us to ensure the long-term availability of spare parts and that our freight cars operate smoothly and safely as part of our customers' rolling stock fleets…