Development and design


ICPV, headquartered in Arad, and Astra Rail Project, based in Poprad in Slovakia, are two prestigious engineering offices belonging to Astra Rail Industries.

ICPV and Astra Rail Project are specialised in the design, development and testing of rolling stock and bogies. Astra Rail Project contributes more than 20 years of experience and ICPV more than 35 years. The two companies are Astra Rail's design, development and test department. They also cater to the needs of many high-profile manufacturers operating in the European rail industry.

Design with the aid of SolidWorks

Astra Rail uses SolidWorks Workstations to develop and design freight wagons. 2-D and 3-D models, with a large component group management system, enables the modular and flexible designing of freight wagons with parts available from the components library.

Interference and collisions verified between movable parts can be simulated with the aid of this design technology. Changes to the design and construction are easily implemented using this system.

Development time, which has been cut by 25 to 30 percent, and the avoidance of planning errors are advantages that represent huge value added for our customers.