Thinking long term for sustainable development


The management of Astra Rail is focused on promoting the sustainable and long-term development of the Group in its evolution into a technologically and financially strong market leader in Europe's rail industry. At Astra Rail, long-term thinking takes precedence over short-term profit-driven considerations.

The entrepreneurial basis underpinning Astra Rail resides in more than 130 years of experience, efficient production processes in Romania and our loyal workforce. This is complemented by the in-depth technological expertise of the prestigious companies ICPV and Astra Rail Project which also belong to Astra Rail.


Sales markets

Astra Rail's key sales markets are mainly the countries of the European Union (EU). In future, however, exports to Russia and the Middle East are set to pick up momentum.


IPVC and Astra Rail Project – designing and testing railcars

The two subsidiaries ICPV and Astra Rail Project constitute a key component of our corporate strategy. The companies operate as our construction and development teams as well as an independent testing laboratory. The two engineering offices develop railcars and bogies for in-house production and are commissioned by external companies to carry out development contracts. The whole value chain is encompassed: from requirements analysis, consultancy and execution through to technical acceptance, including tests and approval.